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Original post - 12th July 2019 

Posted here - 14th July 2019

[BTC/USD Update] BTC/USD needed to show a sustained break of 13130 key resistance zone to confirm a bottom in wave 2. BTC reversed exactly near the 13130 zone which has now opened up the possibility of retest of the low of 9790 key support zone. 

12150 has now formed a new layer of key resistance. As long as BTC trades below this point, it opens the doors for this retest.

Please trade with the best of discipline while trading cryptos.

Original post - 9th July 2019 

Posted here - 10th July 2019

[BTC/USD Update] On 1st July, we had shared that BTC/USD may complete its wave 2 at the shared key supports, the first of which was 9790 before heading higher in wave 3 towards 22000 region.

BTC bounced exactly from NEAR 9790 and is now trading about +3000 points higher near 12500.

Important to note that BTC needs to cross the 13130 key resistance to CONFIRM that it has bottomed in wave 2. If it fails to cross the 13130 level and drops below the key support of 11900, then there is a possibility for it to retest the low of 9790 again.

All longs from 9790 should note the above levels and trail SLs to lock gains.

Short term longs should book gains here. +3000 points in only 6 trading days is a pretty good gain.



Original post - 1st July 2019 

Posted here - 2nd July 2019

[BTC/USD Update] On the larger macro-pattern, BTC has completed wave 1 from ~3200 to 13750. BTC is now in a wave 2 correction from 13750 which can end at one of the three possible key supports at 9790, 8530 or 7590 in extension.

Once the correction completes near one of the key supports, wave 3 has the potential to target the 22000 region.

Important to note that BTC remains in a larger bullish macro-pattern as long as the CRITICAL key support of 7590 is held. Only a sustained break of 7590 voids the bullish scenario.

From a trading point of view, longs may be attempted at each of the key supports with very small positions and a tight SL below the key support. Since BTC sometimes moves 10-20% in a day, it is not prudent to carry position from one support to another or average losses.

Original post - 26th June 2019 

Posted here - 27th June 2019

[BTC/USD Update] As anticipated, BTC has just reached the key resistance of 12660 and has also breached it briefly. 

While an extension is always possible to the next key resistance of 13450, it is important for longs to lock gains or move SL to cost. 

BTC is now going to begin encountering MAJOR & CRITICAL key resistances, so, longs should be cautious and manage risks with good SL management.


Original post - 18th June 2019 

Posted here - 27th June 2019

[BTC/USD Update] BTC has crossed the 10400 key resistance over the weekend in a clear impulse manner setting up a potential test of the next key resistance at 12660.

Original post - 23rd April 2019 

Posted here - 23rd April 2019

[BTC/USD] 20 days back, we had recommended this LONG opportunity in BTC/USD when it was trading around 4680-4700 for a target of 5670. We are now at 5600 with a gain of +900 points. Important to book gains here as the target is achieved.

Original post - 8th April 2019 

Posted here - 8th April 2019

[BTC/USD] We had recommended a LONG trade in BTC/USD last week when it was trading around  4680-4720.

BTC/USD is now trading at 5300+ with a gain of ~+600 points.

Kindly Lock Gains by moving/trailing SL


Original post - 3rd April 2019 

Posted here - 4th April 2019

[BTC/USD] As anticipated, wave 4 in BTC/USD completed just around 4680 at 4720 before climbing higher in wave 5.

BTC/USD is currently trading at 5150 with a gain of +400 points. Important to move SL to cost or lock some gains.

The target on this move shall be 5670.

Original post - 2nd April 2019 

Posted here - 4th April 2019

[BTC/USD] As long as 4360 holds, BTC/USD shall head to 5670. Scenario void below 4360.

4360 is a good support. Micro-pattern shows that Wave 4 may complete around 4680 before making a climb in Wave 5 towards 5670 region