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DAX - GER 30

Please note that all updates posted here are NOT real time and have a time-lag UP TO few hours to days depending on the bandwidth available with us to post here and on twitter. The updates are meant for information only. For the purpose of trading, real time updates are critical and mandatory. 

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Original post - 9thAug 2019 

Posted here - 12th Aug 2019

[DAX, GER30 Update] As anticipated, DAX kissed the key resistance region at 11840 and has now reversed to move lower.

Any shorts from the key resistance zone should move SL to cost and make it a zero risk trade.

Original post - 8thAug 2019 

Posted here - 12th Aug 2019

[DAX, GER30 Update] DAX has a key resistance in the 11830-11940 zone. As long as this zone holds, DAX shall target to move lower in wave(v) to 11400 zone.

Original post - 2nd Aug 2019 

Posted here - 2nd Aug 2019

[DAX, GER30 Update] DAX was trading close to 12150-12200 when we had shared that it would strike a target of 11850 in wave(v).

DAX traded as low as 11869 today coming very close to this target. The gains are ~300 points. Important to book gains.

Original post - 1st Aug 2019 

Posted here - 2nd Aug 2019

[DAX, GER30] DAX has a critical key resistance at 12302. As long as this holds, DAX can continue its current decline in wave(iii) followed by wave(v) to 11850 zone.

Original post - 18th July 2019 

Posted here - 18th July 2019

[DAX/GER30] Moving in line with the update that was shared on 16th and is now trading at 12200. Short positions near the key resistance have a gain of about +150-200 points on the position and it is important to move SLs to lock substantial gains.

Original post - 16th July 2019 

Posted here - 18th July 2019

[DAX/GER30] 12435-12520 is a solid key resistance region in DAX. As long as this region holds, DAX can drop in wave(iii) to 11900 zone. Only a break of 12520 can void this scenario.

Original post - 27th March 2019 

Posted here - 28th March 2019


[DAX/GER30] DAX did provide entry points closer to 11500 zone today. We are now up +75-100 points. Short term traders may book gains here. Swing traders - Important to move SL to COST/LOCK some gains.


Original post - 26th March 2019 

Posted here - 28th March 2019

[DAX/GER 30] Last week, we had suggested that DAX was going to reverse from the 11800 zone which was a wave 5 top. At that time the gains on the trade were over ~250 points

DAX has seen a HUGE reversal since then. This reversal may take DAX to 11050 levels. The scenario is valid until DAX remains below 11650. 11675 shall be a good SL. 

Any good bounce to 11450-11575 may be good entry points for SHORTS to target 11050 levels. Small positions only.


Original post - 19th March 2019 

Posted here - 23rd March 2019

[DAX/GER 30] As anticipated last week, DAX is closing in on Wave 5 targets of ~11800 zone. Entry was recommended when DAX was at 11530. Important to start booking gains around this region of 11760-11800.  We do not recommend chasing the top or the extensions.

A 250 point gain from the point of entry is sizeable and today's price action must be used to book these gains. 

Important to also note that FOMC meeting shall begin shortly and the statement from the meeting is due in about 30 hours. There shall be volatility & reaction of the US markets will get carried to DAX, FTSE and all other major indices in the next few sessions.

Original post - 14th March 2019 

Posted here - 23rd March 2019

[DAX/GER 30] DAX may make one more high to around 11800 zone before reversing with a confirmation that a significant top is in place. This shall be the target for wave 5 of C. Currently at 11530.

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