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[How to Read an EIA Crude Inventory Report]

Inventory [Build/Draw] per day  = Supply [S] - Demand [D]

                                                      = [Production + Imports + Adjustment + SPR Draw] - [Refinery Input + Exports]

Use the above formula to arrive at the Total Build/Draw per day and then Multiply by 7 for the Weekly Inventory.

In the example above which is an inventory report for 22 May 2019, the calculation is as follows

[Production+Imports+Adjustment+SPR Draw] - [Refinery Input+Exports]

[12200+6943+872+162] - [16578+2922] = 677 per day

For weekly data, multiply by 7 days. 677*7 = 4739 per week

Since the data is in thousand barrels per day, converting into millions, it is 4.74 million build for the week


Very Simple. Hope it helps.