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Original post - 15th May 2019 

Posted here - 15th May 2019

[ETH/USD] We had recommended a long in ETH/USD last month when it was trading at 150 and set a target of 240. We have reached 240 today with a gain of +60% in about a month. Best to book gains here.

Original post - 12th May 2019 

Posted here - 12th May 2019

[ETH/USD] The LONG trade in ETH/USD is now up with a gain of approximately +35% and trading above 200. The opportunity was shared when ETH/USD was at 150 level.

Very important to lock gains by moving SLs as soon as market opens tomorrow. 

186 is now a key support and shall make a good place for trailing SLs

Original post - 7th May 2019 

Posted here - 12th May 2019

[ETH/USD] Last month, we had shared a LONG recommendation on ETH/USD when it was meandering in the 150s. ETH/USD has now moved to 180s providing a good +20% return. Important to move SLs to lock some gains

Original post - 4th April 2019 

Posted here - 12th May 2019

[ETH/USD] As long as 131 holds, ETH/USD shall head to 240 region in a few weeks.