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Original post - 22nd Aug 2019

Posted here - 25th Aug 2019

[EUR/GBP Update] This trade has moved exactly in line with the previous update. EUR/GBP reversed exactly near 0.9189 and is now trading at 0.9069 as anticipated.

Gain is almost +100 points. Best to book gains here and wait on the sidelines for the next opportunity.


Original post - 19th Aug 2019

Posted here - 25th Aug 2019

[EUR/GBP Update] 0.9189 is a critical key resistance. As long as this holds, EUR/GBP may target the key support of 0.9069 in wave (v).



Original post - 2nd Aug 2019

Posted here - 2nd Aug 2019


[EUR/GBP Update] EUR/GBP has bounced exactly from the key support of 0.9102 shared in the update yesterday. Currently trading at 0.9170, about 70 pips higher.

Longs from 0.8880 may move their SL to 0.9100 locking ~200 points in gains. Fresh longs taken yesterday near 0.9102 may move SL to cost to reduce the risk to zero.

Original post - 1st Aug 2019

Posted here - 2nd Aug 2019

[EUR/GBP Update] New key supports have now formed at 0.9040 and 0.9102. As long as these supports hold, EUR/GBP can target the next key resistance at 0.9240.

Longs from 0.8880 zone may move SLs close to 0.9040 to lock substantial gains.

Original post - 29th Jul 2019

Posted here - 2nd Aug 2019

[EUR/GBP Update] As anticipated EUR/GBP did provide a dip in wave(iv) last week close to the 0.8866 zone and then reversed and bounced in wave(v) to test the 0.912 key resistance.

Longs from near the key support region of 0.8866 should lock gains by moving SL to 0.9015.

Original post - 23rd Jul 2019

Posted here - 2nd Aug 2019


[EUR/GBP Update] EUR/GBP may dip near 0.8866 zone in wave(iv) before reversing in wave(v) to 0.912 & higher. Only a sustained break of the 0.8866 critical key support shall void this entire micro-pattern.

From a trading perspective, it is best to wait for wave(iv) to complete near 0.8866 zone and then explore a long near 0.8866 with a tight SL below it for a target of 0.912 & higher.