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FTSE 100/UK 100

Please note that all updates posted here are NOT real time and have a time-lag UP TO few hours to days depending on the bandwidth available with us to post here and on twitter. The updates are meant for information only. For the purpose of trading, real time updates are critical and mandatory. 


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Original post - 18th July 2019 

Posted here - 18th July 2019

[FTSE/UK100] In line with the update shared a couple of days back, FTSE has reversed below the key resistance region and is now trading at 7430. 

Short positions have a gain of about +100 points on the position and it is important to move SLs to lock substantial gains.

Original post - 16th July 2019 

Posted here - 18th July 2019


[FTSE/UK100] 7572 is the key resistance on FTSE and this rally in wave(ii) may complete anywhere between the current price and 7572 to reverse in wave(iii) towards 7350. Only a break of 7570 can void this scenario.

Original post - 19th March 2019 

Posted here - 23rd March 2019

[FTSE][UK100] We have been riding multiple waves on FTSE/UK100 since Jan 2019 from ~6600 levels. The opportunity that was shared last week was when FTSE was near 7130 for a target of about 7255. 

7255 has not only been met but FTSE has now extended itself to the next Fibonacci external projections in the 7300 levels. We had advised all members to book gains of about 100 points near 7255 since we are now anticipating a potential reversal once the extensions play out.

We are currently on the sidelines waiting for the next micro-pattern to confirm.

Original post - 14th March 2019 

Posted here - 23rd March 2019

[FTSE][UK100] FTSE approaching the end of wave 5 target around 7255. IMPORTANT to BOOK gains in the 7230-7240 region. The entry was recommended close to 7130 zone

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