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Original post - 3rd May 2019

Posted here - 4th May 2019


GBP/USD is now at 1.3160.The long trade was recommended when GBP/USD was at 1.2915.

We are now up +250 points on this trade. 

Positional traders may trail SL to 1.3055, right below a key support, and lock about +130 points



Original post - 30th April 2019

Posted here - 30th April 2019

[GBP/USD] We are now up +110 points from yesterday's entry. Short term traders should lock/book gains.

Original post - 29th April 2019

Posted here - 30th April 2019

[GBP/USD] [Trade Strategy]  [POSITIONAL]

Primary Scenario:- LONG AT 1.2914-1.2920 for TARGETS at 1.33 and 1.37 in extension
SL AT 1.2765, right below the key support for the macro-pattern

Key Support:- 1.2866, 1.2837, 1.2772

Comments:-  The price action in the last few sessions shows GBP/USD bouncing off the key support region and slowly gaining more traction. We believe we are close enough to a low risk entry point on it with a good risk/reward in play if the macro-pattern plays out in the next several weeks. Also, Dollar Index seems to be very close to a significant high. Any turn in USD from this point should benefit the GBP.