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Please note that all updates posted here are NOT real time and have a time-lag UP TO few hours to days depending on the bandwidth available with us to post here and on twitter. The updates are meant for information only. For the purpose of trading, real time updates are critical and mandatory. 

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Original post - 2nd  Aug 2019 

Posted here - 2nd  Aug 2019

[Stock Waves] [Boeing Co] [BA] BA is trading at 332 with gains of approximately $35 which is close to 10% since the first update was shared on July 15th. 

Short term traders may book gains here or move their SL to 344 to lock gains of ~$20.

Original post - 1st  Aug 2019 

Posted here - 2nd  Aug 2019

[Stock Waves] [Boeing Co] [BA]  Probing the 340-337 key support region for the second time. In an event it breaks this zone, the decline has the potential to move to 300 zone. 

Traders holding short positions from 365-370 may move their SLs to 352 to lock substantial gains.

Original post - 31st July 2019 

Posted here - 2nd  Aug 2019

[Stock Waves] [Boeing Co] [BA]

BA has exactly followed our previous update so far. It was trading around 365-370 when the update was shared. It has dropped exactly to the key support area of 340-337 & has bounced off it yesterday.

Another attempt to retest this area has a reasonable possibility and once broken, the decline could accelerate to 300 zone in wave(iii).

Traders who have taken a SHORT position based on the previous update may move their SLs to cost and make it a zero risk trade.

Original post - 15th July 2019 

Posted here - 2nd  Aug 2019

[Stock Waves] [Boeing Co] [BA]

As long as BA is trading below its key resistance of 384 & 397, BA can head to 300 in wave(c). 340-337 is the key support, which once broken has the potential to accelerate the decline.

Original post - 11th June 2019 

Posted here - 12th June 2019

[STOCK] [TSLA - Tesla Inc]

Tesla is currently trading at $217 which is a gain of +$32 or 17% in one week. Trade was recommended when Tesla was trading at $185 last week. 

SL may be moved from $203 to $210 to lock gains of about $25.

Original post - 4th June 2019 

Posted here - 6th June 2019


[STOCK] [TSLA - Tesla Inc]  [Trade Strategy] [SWING] 
LONG AT 185-187 for TARGETS at 230
SL AT 176

Comments:-  We might have just completed wave A in Tesla around 177 and may have a sizable bounce in wave B towards 230 and higher.


Original post - 23rd May 2019 

Posted here - 23rd May 2019

[STOCK] [AAPL- Apple Inc] 

AAPL SHORT trade was recommended last week when it was at 192. It is currently trading at 178-179, with gains of +$13 or 6% in the last 7 days. Best to book gains here.

Original post - 16th May 2019 

Posted here - 20th May 2019

[STOCK] [AAPL- Apple Inc]  [Trade Strategy] [SWING]

Primary Scenario:- SHORT AT 191-192 for TARGETS at 176
SL AT 205, right above a key resistance

Comments:- Technically, it looks like we might have completed wave 4 and shall begin wave 5 downward towards 176. US-China trade deal news remains a risk since Apple is fundamentally impacted by any tariff related updates.

Original post - 9th May 2019 

Posted here - 9th May 2019

[STOCK] [CRM -] This trade is now up with gains of $9 which is almost 6% in one week.

In view of the volatility and potential trade deal whipsaws, we shall recommend booking gains on CRM

Original post - 3rd May 2019 

Posted here - 9th May 2019

[STOCK] [CRM -] 

[Trade Strategy] [POSITIONAL]

Primary Scenario:- SHORT AT 161-164 for TARGETS at 140 or lower
SL AT 171.8, right above a key fibonacci resistance

Key Support:- 142.9

Comments:-  Has been in a Wave 5 topping pattern for the last few days and has now broken a key support that may correct towards the 140 region.

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