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Original post - 1st May 2019

Posted here - 1st May 2019


[USD/CHF] We are now up +70 points from the entry recommended a few days back. Short term traders should lock/book gains. FOMC in about 8 hours shall bring volatility.

Original post - 25th April 2019

Posted here - 1st May 2019


Primary Scenario:- SHORT AT 1.022-1.026 for TARGETS at 1.0005
SL AT 1.029

Key Resistances:- 1.0265, 1.0273

Comments:-  Approaching multiple key resistance zone around 1.026-1.027 and may see a reversal. Excellent risk-reward opportunity if this plays out.


Original post - 23rd April 2019

Posted here - 23rd April 2019

USD/CHF] We had recommended this Long opportunity last week when USD/CHF was on the brink of breaking the 1.0082 key resistance.
We are now very close the target of 1.02 on the micro-pattern. The correction in the last leg was much shallower than anticipated.
Time to book gains of ~100 pips around 1.019.
On the sidelines now until we have more visibility on the next micro-pattern.

Original post - 18th April 2019

Posted here - 19th April 2019


[USD/CHF] Longs from 1.0082 should look to book profits here at 1.015

Expecting a dip to 1.011 levels before attempting a rally to 1.02 levels.

Original post - 15th April 2019

Posted here - 19th April 2019

[USD/CHF Update] Scenario pointing to a wave 3 towards 1.02. A break of 1.0082 key resistance is however required to confirm this scenario that shall create a high probability LONG opportunity for a target of 1.02.