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Original post - 4th Sep 2019

Posted here - 4th Sep 2019

[USD/MXN Update] Trading very close to the target of 19.72. Shorts from the key resistance zone of 20.25-20.42 should look to book gains here and wait on the sidelines for the next opportunity.

Original post -29th Aug 2019

Posted here - 4th Sep 2019

[USD/MXN Update] USD/MXN is reaching close to completing wave(v) near the key resistance zone of 20.25-20.45. This may trigger a retracement correction to the key support at 19.73 & lower.

Original post - 12th April 2019

Posted here - 12th April 2019


[USD/MXN]   SHORT trade playing out in the right direction. It was recommended when USD/MXN was at 18.93 two days back. Currently trading at 18.75 with good gains. Important to move SL to cost or lock some gains.

Original post - 10th April 2019

Posted here - 12th April 2019

[USD/MXN]  [Trade Strategy] [SWING]
Primary Scenario:- SHORT BELOW 18.86 for TARGETS at 18.5 & 18.3 in extension. SL ABOVE 19.13
Key Supports:- 18.78, 18.622, 18.46
Comments:- Central Bank of Mexico has left the rates unchanged at 8.25% strengthening MXN against the USD. 
Technically, USD/MXN is approaching a very important support of 18.87, a break of which shall target 18.5 followed by 18.3 region.